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I'm so far away [25 Oct 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | blank ]

This is the last journal entry I plan to make for quite some time. As you see, I've disappeared from the face of the earth lately. My father died two weeks ago. That will explain a lot to my fellow Hogwarters @ Eternal Rebirth. I haven't been on since. He fell actually, from the roof and a blood clot that had formed in some artery moved because of the fall and clogged in his heart. I don't really understand it all. Some freak thing.

His wife's pretty much taken eveything - so off I am to live with my white trash mother in her trailer court. No will - honestly - sixty years old and no goddam will? My dad was pretty much paying all of my bills and Carla has made it quite clear that I've already borrowed too much from his 'trust'. Fucking bitch. I've tried but I was too dependant on him, as much as I wanted to believe that I was making it alone...I depended on him.

Quit my job, and I am leaving for trashville in the morning with no roomate to share her computer. As far as I know, mother dearest has smoked all the cash she could have used to purchase one. I'll miss it. But some things come first. Money, for one. Freedom, another.

I couldn't leave without an explanation. I'm sorry to all of my newly budding friends, and thank you -thankyousomuch- for befriending me. I'm okay - I really am. Surviving. I'll be better when I can feel free again.

Love all around and I hope to hear from all of you someday.
Kisses -andhugs- Liv XXX

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Woohoo! [06 Oct 2005|06:47pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Wootness to Nick Lazzarini! I'm so excited that he won! In inspiration of my excitement and my idolizing his hotness, I made an icon! God! He's fine!

And, it's also my beautiful Jeremy Sisto's birthday. Worship, worship! Happy 31!

Kisses, Liv XXX

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My first HP Icon Load [04 Oct 2005|05:40pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

Okay, so it's not a very big load - but some icons nonetheless! And also, for your October pleasure, a Happy Halloween banner. Comment and credit if you take any!

1. 2.  gimmegimmegimmeCollapse )

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Dysfunctional [04 Oct 2005|01:03am]
[ mood | naughty ]

I hate my family. Why do I allow them to have so much control over me still? I went to see Dr. Krogstad over the weekend. Psychotic asshole. And he thinks I'm 'absurd'? Bah. I've seen him since I was fifteen, what with my parents falling apart, they felt it natural to drag me into their shattered existence and fuck me up too. The man has been anything but theraputic, and good old Mitch has bought me therapy until 2006. And like a doormat, I go. I hate it.

But I don't want to talk about that now. I was feeling particularly naughty and made a memegen quiz for my Harry Potter Rpg: Hogwarts Eternal. Hehehe. It's sporking funny. Only the members will really appreciate it, I think, if they're not uber offended.

My Hogwarts Eternal Orgy by pyxis
Your Name
WithCho Chang
AndLydia Lunacy
AndSelene Talcrom
AndDraco Malfoy
AndFred Weasley
WhenThree nights a week
WhereIn the Ford Anglia
What HappensYou get Gonorrhea from the second person listed.
Quiz created with MemeGen!

I used my char's name. Bahaha. It's great. Sia! You gave me a VD! To coin a Kiki phrase, "I LOLed." Comment if you take it, eh?

Kisses, Livvie XXX
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Lovelove [02 Oct 2005|10:29pm]
[ mood | accomplished ]

The new layout's up, eh? Eh?

Kissykissy, Liv XXX

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Raaaaaaandom. [27 Sep 2005|06:07pm]
[ mood | lethargic ]

It rained all day today. It was glorious. Fall rain is the best. I love October most of all, and it's almost here! My favoritest of favorite months! In honor of Halloween, I've been cruising for some good Corpse Bride pics to sport on my LJ layout for the next month. And who better to celebrate Halloween with than Tim Burton? Mwahah.

Work was asanine. Coworkers blow. I ate junk food all day and got so fucking hyper. Embarrassed myself, really.

I'm so stuffed up with a head cold and exhausted to boot, but my apartment smells like shit from the weekend away, and I have been neglecting it. Bah. So, I'm off to scrub the hell out of the kitchen, and if I can muster the strength...the bathroom. (cringe)

I want to watch Clue, ooh and the Legend of Sleepy Hollow...speaking of Halloweeny stuff. A murder mystery dinner sounds fun.

Kisses, Livvie XXX

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Kill me now. [26 Sep 2005|07:22am]
[ mood | bitchy ]

I'm back at last from the weekend from hell. Walt Disney was so not fucking kidding when he designed the wicked step mother. Not that her behaviour is a surprise to me by now, I just feel very validated for hating her in the first place. You see, here's my story:

(harp music cues us all into a peaceful little cottage...actually a fucking huge castle, too big, really..)

Once upon a time there was a little girl born to a loving and wealthy husband and wife, and their lives were perfect.

(harp music fades)

And then, when the spoiled little girl turned fourteen years old, the most crucial period of her young life, her mother started fucking around with a man named Gary. Gary was a handsome pharmacuetical repsresentative who made regular stops in their peaceful village. Well, the little girl found out about what was going on long before her father. She didn't want to tell him, but when he found out a year or so later, he went absolutely berserk. The girl's mother and father got a divorce just as she graduated high school, and then began to vie for her attention and favor. This upset the little girl more than anything, even more than when her father married the wicked witch of the west. To this day her mother lives a lonely, drunken, existence, not a penny, really, to her name. The father and his new wife lived happily ever after. The end.

Yeah. That sucks, doesn't it? So, I braved a weekend in the wilderness with my fucking insane father and his lapdog, Carla. (shudders) I felt like I couldn't do a thing right all weekend. I asked if I could heat up some water for tea, trying to give a show of respect and whatnot now that it's HER cabin, and she got absolutely pissed at me for asking if I could heat up some water. "Why would you ask me that, Olivia?" What...the...fuck. Okay, that was the end of me trying to be 'respectful' or even 'cordial'. The whole weekend was a great big analyze-Liv's-problems-fest. I even got in trouble by Carla for being in my room for too long. I'm a fucking adult. Doesn't that mean anything? God! And my dad, completely toasted off his ass, did not stand up for me once. Not once.

"Try to be nice to Carla."
"Yeah, okay Mitch."
"It's 'Dad'."

So, needless to say, my voyuer to maybe get some cash or even a heart felt convo out of him was all in vain. I guess I know where I stand. It's good to be back in my dingy little apartment, and online.

Livvie XXX

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Booooored. [23 Sep 2005|07:58am]
[ mood | bored ]

Nothing exciting in RL, nothing online. I'm having serious withdrawls from SFU. You see, Blockbuster doesn't carry Season 3 yet, and so I'm stuck with just waiting...waiting...waiting, while the whole SFU fandom knows everything and I have only skimmed two years into it! Gr! So, the thing is, do I go and pay eighty dollars for season three, only to watch it in a two days flat, then have to buy season four and watch it in two more days, only to have to wait a freaking year for season five?!

Ack. Overdramatic, I know.

And HE is pretty dead. (yaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwwwn) It's spanking cool, but my God! Does any post? EVER? I'm thinking not. And Kiki, if you read this, I am SO not referring to you. You're the only one that really has anything to do with me, so kisses. I'm feeling creative and will probably kick out a few more icons today...or character banners if my damned transparency will lock. Frickafracka.

Kisses, Livvie XXX

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... shit ... [20 Sep 2005|06:11pm]
[ mood | cynical ]

My stupid car has a flat tire. I already have to pay all my bills with this next paycheck, pay off the fucking dental cleaning that didn't take my insurance, and now get a new tire.

When it rains, it fucking pours.

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Finally saw it! [18 Sep 2005|10:12am]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

Play-by-play random thoughts as I watched the trailer for the first time:

Dumbledore's intro: I wish that he didn't seem so harsh. His voice and mannerisms in the trailer are really...well, unRichard Harrisish. Yes, I happen to be one of those "stuckontheoldDumbledore" saps.

Lovely Ladies of Beaubatons: Butterflies?? What's with the sigh? God, tell me that they don't make every intorduction that way. Lol. Also "Bow-bat-uns"? Have I been saying it wrong all these years?

Harry can't hold his liquid: This scene is a must-watch in slow mo. I have dialup and poor Harry was stuck for a minute or two with a long drip hanging out of his mouth. Lol. Must be spitting it out in front of Cho. And "NO!" all you Cho haters, it's not because she's ugly.

"Where?!": Lol! The blurb where McGonagall is teaching dance is my favorite piece of the trailer. Very genius add on.

Fraternizing with the enemy: The Great Hall looks fantabulous. Very cool. Maxime doesn't look as "horribly oversized with bad special effects" as I thought on the first trailer. I swoon over Ron's jealous face. The dance sequence will be fun, and I personally think that Hermione is a total babe.

The champion selection:  Victor is a babe. Cedric is a babe. Fluer looks awfully toothy in her smiling scene. Eek! And I hate the way that Dumbledore screams maniacally, "Harry Pottah!!!" while Snape and Karkaroff and Crouch look on in seething surprise.

Moody:  Okay, so I am one of those extremely canon fans that thought Moody, at a first glance, looked, well, Meep! Not quite right. But seeing this...I think he'll do a bloody good job. His class looks wicked cool. One of my favorite moments in the book, actually. Teehee. Ron's scared face - I love it!

"People die IN this tournament":  (say that with a raspy, scary voice) The dragon. Schwew. Amazing.

Face in the Fire:  Hmmm...Really not what I pictured it. When I first saw the scene, I thought, what the hell? Lava face? And then...who is that sitting with Nagini in the barely opened door. Doesn't look familiar to me. That must be Sirius creeping back toward the castle in the rain.

Of Evil: (shudders!) That graveyard is so wicked cool, and the dark mark very realistic.  Loooooooove it. The quick scene of McGonagall putting her hands to her mouth, the twins are crying in the background. Maybe the scene where Harry comes back with Cedric's body. Oooh. And the World Cup mischief is going to be fun.

The fandom that would never be: The Harry/Mione hug. Ack! I love it despite being a Hermione/Ron promoter! Sorry, all you H/H shippers, that you're being teased by this tantalizing embrace. It is freaking hot, though. 

 Wrap-up: There are too many fast lil flashes of scenes near the end. But it's all so incredible I could pee my pants. Lol. Can't wait. My favorite book is about to be my favorite movie. Schwee!

Kisses, Livvie XXX

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